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PULSAR provides solutions along the vertical value chain from manufacturing, trading and the service sector. PULSAR clients are made up from well established companies to start-ups. The results are innovative and practical solutions whilst focusing on the individual requirements of the client. Especially in efficiency driven and highly competitive well known industries i.e. automotive, energy, TMT or fashion can rely on PULSAR.

AUTOMOTIVE (OEM) | Business process re-engineering

Analysis and optimisation of global processes for the production and supply of service manuals to automotive plants. Conception and optimisation of workflows with involved partners. Realisation of effciency potentials in a high 7-place rage.

AUTOMOTIVE (OEM) | Service processes

Strategic compilation and optimisation of global service processes within the automotive service network, documentation, autoshop. Ensuring of a complete vehicle-specific service documentation. Standardisation of Inhouse-interface, significant increase of quality within the service network.

AUTOMOTIVE (OEM) | Setup system supplier in the US

Greenfield setup of a system supplier in Atlanta (US). Definition and implementation of a direct supply process to a US plant of one of the leading German automobile manufacturer.

AUTOMOTIVE (OEM) | Process Management E/E Development

Process consultancy in the area of electrical engineering. Analysis of corporate-wide E/E development process and benchmarkingwith other development tools. Conceptualisation of key indicators and state-of-the-art analysis of the status quo and recommendation to improve processes.

AUTOMOTIVE (OEM) | Audit & Advisory

Management support in the area of finance and controlling. Preparation and implementation of the transition to a new monthly management reporting system.

AUTOMOTIVE (IAM) | Customer Retention Programme

Integration of bonus reward schemes in the electronic sales catalogue for an automotive industry supplier.

AUTOMOTIVE (IAM) | Trade/Sales development strategy

Strategic/organisational sales development with a new national marketing rollout programme for >100 associated partner companies. Strategic conception, establishment of the entire marketing program and organizational / sales coaching during rollout.

AUTOMOTIVE (IAM) | Development and Marketing of repair and shop system

Definition of the repair shop system’s strategic customer value proposition. Development of system modules in the fields of technical information, parts supply, logistics, corporate management & marketing. Definition of principles to secure a coherent repair and service quality. Simultaneous development of the business model as well as a profitability calculation for HQ and repair shops. Active support of roll-out, including the establishment of a central franchise head office.

AUTOMOTIVE (IAM) | M&A - Buy-side mandate

Identification and strategic evaluation of M&A targets in Germany for one of the worldwide leading automotive dealership corporations.

CONSUMER GOODS | Restructuring

Market position analysis with USP development, range reduction to core segments, expansion of German production competence and reduction of imports. Closure of unprofitable subsidiaries. Consolidation of the sales in the German market and increasing the export share.

CONSUMER GOODS | Interim CEO - Private Equity Holding

Strategic management of investment portfolio in the consumer goods segment.

CONSUMER GOODS | Strategic devlopment

Strategic follow up of an international luxury homeware producer. Focusing on core markets regarding the international market activities. Conversion to a sales-driven production company. Development of the “house of brand” position.

CONSUMER GOODS | Restructuring

Strategic repositioning of sales channels. Closing of subsidiaries and the implementation of a country specific key account management. Optimisation of production processes and introduction of new products.

CONSUMER GOODS | Innovation processes - Category management

Implementation of a matrix organisation and set-up of an efficient innovation process for the leading German producer for disposable tableware and HACCP.

CLEAN TECH | Fundraising and Business set-up

Exclusive M&A advisor. Completion of fundraising round (EUR 20m). Strategic advisor for the global roll-out of a clean Enhanced-Oil-Recovery technology.

CLEAN TECH | Process Management

Analysis and development of new technical documentation processes as well as the implementation of a workflow management system for a leading wind technology company.

CLEAN TECH | Strategy

Re-evaluation of a mid-sized energy company’s value chain to identify future growth opportunities.

CLEAN TECH | Restructuring & Insolvency

Interim management for an insolvent energy holding company with more than 38 subsidiaries with a total volume of more than 500m EUR.

FINANCIAL SERVICES | Strategy Development

Global organisational development for the largest financial service provider in Germany regarding the information management and HR strategies (including business planning).

HEALTH CARE | Customer Information Strategy 2020

Benchmarking and development of the customer information technology strategy 2020 for the worldwide leading health care technology supplier.

HEALTH CARE | IT-Project Management

Implementation and Europe-wide roll-out of Microsoft Dynamics Navision for a leading clinical research organisation.

INDUSTRY | Governmental Affairs

Optimisation and implementation of offset programs in various countries. Political lobbying. Partnering and venturing private partner companies.

INDUSTRY | Business Development

Establishing and implementation of entry strategy for new markets. High level political lobbying public customers and international organisations. Definition of European product groups. High level political lobbying public customers and international organisations.

INDUSTRY | Potential Analysis and Strategic Repositioning

Analysis of the cost and value drivers of the company to identify untapped potential. Consolidation of the finance department and orientation of its production capacity to higher margin products and customer segments. Development of the company’s overall strategy and outsourcing of non-core programs to regional production partners.

INDUSTRY | Product Management

Development & pan-European launch of a system-based product data management for a global group of companies with > 7,000 staff.

MEDIA | Digital Transformation

Development and implementation of a digital transformation strategy with focus on the core business model at one of the largest regional newspaper publishers in Europe.

MEDIA | Innovation Process Engineering

Strategy and implementation of an outside-in innovation process for one of the biggest European TV media service provider with focus on live sport transmission.

RETAIL | Innovation Process Engineering

Strategy and implementation of an outside-in innovation process for the largest European retailer for electronic consumer products, incl. analysis and valuation of innovative business models and products based on a tailor-made scoring tool.

RETAIL | Opening of new markets DACH

Market potential analysis and preparation of a market entry strategy for a premium supplier of casual and function gear. Building up a distribution-organisation and retail. Set up and interim management of the organization.

RETAIL | Repositioning

Phased modernisation of the collection. Restructuring of the purchasing department, reducing the number of producers and professionalisation of the sourcing process for margin optimisation. Development of a new marketing concept for the recovery of key accounts and export increase. Implementation of a cost control management.

SYSTEMS BUSINESS | Business Development

High level political lobbying public customers and international organisations.

TECH | Restructuring CRM

Conception and restructuring of the CRM division of the largest European internet service provider.

TECH | Merger and Acquisition

Development of strategic M&A options with subsequent support for the sale of a UK B2C computer sales company.

TECH | M&A - Buy-side mandate

Strategic evaluation, identification and approach of M&A targets in the DACH region for one of the world's largest IT companies.

TELCO | Innovation Process Engineering

Strategy and implementation of an inside-out innovation process for the leading German telecommunication provider, incl. analysis and valuation of innovative business models and products based on a tailor-made scoring tool.

TELCO | Incubation Management

Strategic and operational support of spin-off activities to support the incubation management of Germany’s largest telecommunications provider.

TELCO | Set-Up IoT Investment Holding

Initialization und set-up support of an IoT Investment Holding including partner search, definition of core processes and provisioning of due diligence tool set.

WHOLESALE | Innovation Process Engineering

Strategy, implementation and interim management support of an outside-in innovation process for the leading European wholesaler for disposable tableware, incl. analysis and valuation of innovative business models and products based on a tailor-made scoring tool.

WHOLESALE | Digital Transformation

Development and implementation of a digital transformation strategy with focus on the core business model at one of the largest cash & carry wholesaler in Germany.

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