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12.10.2018 | PULSAR welcomes Kamaran Amin as new associate partner

During the last 28 years Kamaran Amin held executive positions as Sales and business development manager for international organizations in Frankfurt, London, Lugano and Dubai. Kamaran is based in Abu Dhabi / Duesseldorf and his focus is on capital markets, IT-infrastructure, industry, new technologies and construction sector for international business development.

13.09.2018 | PRESS RELEASE - PULSAR Consulting GmbH Rechtsanwalts- & Steuerberatungsgesellschaft

The e-health-startup MediDate acquired the Medical One GmbH. The PULSAR Consulting GmbH Rechtsanwalts- & Steuerberatungsgesellschaft carried out the tax due diligence process for MediDate in line with the transaction.

MediDate, which is headquartered in Berlin, is a leading digital premium supplier for plastic aesthetic medicine in Europe. The e-health-company digitises the entire operation process in plastic aesthetic surgery (with the exception of the surgical intervention) and offers its patients high-quality treatments with leading medical experts.

With its 24 facilities and approximately 10.000 treatments per year, Medical One is a leading hospital network in Germany in the field of plastic aesthetic surgery. The range of services comprises surgical and non-surgical treatments of face, body and breast, weight loss and hair transplant.

The merger of the two companies forms an integrated supplier of medical services in the field of plastic aesthetic surgery. By acquiring the Medical One GmbH, MediDate is planning on developing its position as Europe’s market leader and actively promoting the digitisation and transparency in the German market.

The tax due diligence process was carried out by the following professionals at the PULSAR Consulting GmbH:
▪ Dr. Andreas Wagenseil (M&A, Restructuring)
▪ Katharina Grote (Financial, M&A)

13.07.2018 | PULSAR becomes project partner at the Institute for Process Management and Digital Transformation

The PULSAR Consulting Group starts a close cooperation with the Institute for Process Management and Digital Transformation (IPD) of the Münster University of Applied Sciences as a practice partner. The IPD is a practice-oriented research institute that makes knowledge gained on transfer and further training accessible and applicable to a large group of interested parties.

It is actively involved in the further development of the disciplines of logistics, process management, and digital transformation. The application reference and the transfer into practice are always in the foreground. Projects are, therefore, preferably carried out with practice partners.

09.07.2018 | PULSAR Consulting becomes a member of the expert advisory board of Digital Hub münsterLand

PULSAR Consulting intensifies its cooperation with Digital Hub münsterLand. The Digital Hub promotes digital innovations and their successful implementation in the regional industry through collaboration with start-ups and universities and the creation of support for corporate entrepreneurship initiatives.

The PULSAR Consulting Group has been a member of the expert advisory board since July 2018. The expert advisory board supports the Digital Hub Accelerator Program. This program organizes and promotes the exchange between start-ups and experts. In addition, the experts support the selection of startups for the program.

10.06.2018 | KEYOU wins German Innovation Award in the category Automotive Technologies

The long-standing PULSAR Consulting client KEYOU has received the German Innovation Award in the category Automotive Technologies in Berlin on 6.6.2018. PULSAR supports the leading engine hydrogen technology company not only in past and current fundraising rounds, but also in business building, especially in investor communications and marketing.


10.05.2018 | PULSAR welcomes Dr. Wiebke Borgers as new associate partner

Wiebke is an experienced facilitator, communications consultant and coach. She supports enterprises and networks in strategic processes and branding. Her focus is on participatory process design, and she seeks to create acceptance through identification. She loves to work with design thinking and experiments a lot with creative tools and visionary methods. She has a good practical experience record working with large groups. Coming originally from public relations, she advises on communications design and cross media approaches, as well as on internal and crisis communication.

12.04.2018 | PULSAR welcomes Markus Grundke as new associate partner

Markus is a generalist, but he strongly believes in the power of interdisciplinary teams founded on diversity. Based in Stockholm, Sweden since 2011, Markus has worked as an Independent Market Intelligence Expert and consultant for strategic business and organizational development. He supports companies from a wide variety of industries, including Medical technology, mechanical engineering, automotive, electrical engineering and Private Equity. As a business coach and systemic team coach, Markus works closely with Senior Executives and teams to optimize organizational structures and processes.

After studying Political Science and Chinese Studies at the LMU Munich, Markus initially worked at Siemens IT Service (SBS) in the field of organizational development, before joining the Boston Consulting Group in Munich in 2000 as a Researcher and Analyst. In 2005, he transferred to BCG's Nordic offices in Stockholm, where he served as an industrial product analyst until 2011. Markus speaks fluent Swedish and brings with him his network and knowledge of Scandinavia.

After 12 years in the far north, Markus now returns to his Bavarian homeland and is pleased to have found a strong and extremely welcoming network here at Pulsar.

09.03.2018 | PULSAR welcomes Juergen Toppe as new associate partner

Our team has now been strengthened with the addition of Jürgen Toppe, a proven specialist and lawyer working in the area of employment law, data protection, data security and information technology, IT law and commercial criminal law. In addition to his consultancy work as a lawyer, Jürgen Toppe also works as a data protection auditor and external data protection officer for a number of companies in these subject areas. Above all, his expertise lies in developing and implementing company-wide management systems, such as those for identifying, assessing and monitoring risks as well as meeting company management requirements (systems analysis, control mechanisms, improvements and further developments, e.g. compliance management systems.) His knowledge will greatly assist us with issues relating to the implementation deadline for the EU General Data Protection Regulation on 25 May 2018, and the associated risks for companies, and will enhance our collective expertise. During his professional career, Jürgen has mainly worked as CLO for various companies in the retail sector; the insurance, chemical, and electronics industries; lifestyle companies (cosmetics and make-up), automotive suppliers, and the metals industry. As such, he worked for many years as MD of GKS Schließsysteme GmbH (Tier 1 automotive supplier), as Head of Legal and HR/Authorised Signatory for Steinel Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG, as Head of Administration and Legal for J.W. Ostendorf GmbH & Co. KG and as Head of Legal and HR with general powers for Auto Becker GmbH & Co. KG.

27.02.2018 | PULSAR welcomes Torsten Warmbold as new associate partner

Growing up on his parents’ farm, Torsten Warmbold has had a keen interest in agriculture from an early age. As such, agriculture and related issues also became a key theme within both his education and professional career. He made use of this background and, indeed, built on it while studying civil engineering at Braunschweig University of Technology, and also when studying industrial engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Mittelhessen. He began his professional career as a site manager at a medium-sized construction company in Braunschweig where, amongst other projects, he oversaw the renovation of Braunschweig railway station for EXPO 2000. After this, he worked as Project Manager at Heilit+Woerner Bau GmbH in Stuttgart, where he had technical and economic responsibility for the construction of the new A93 motorway between Mitterteich and Selb, the upgrade of the A81, A8 and A5 motorways, track renewal of the railway in Allgäu and the construction of the new runway at Schwäbisch Hall airport. From 2007, Torsten Warmbold was in charge of the Bioenergy division at BayWa r.e. GmbH, with responsibility for project management, agriculture, operations and distribution, and was also a director of various subsidiaries in the UK, Hungary and Germany. He also ran gas trading company BayWa between 2012 and 2013. His work focused on building and developing new business models in the area of renewable energy, restructuring under-performing locations, generating solutions for complex investment projects and also implementing M&A processes for the acquisition and/or sale of companies and project enterprises.

23.02.2018 | PULSAR welcomes Dr.-Ing. Andreas Groth as new associate partner

Andreas holds a doctorate in engineering (gained in 1989 in ‘CAx’ technologies for process optimisation in engineering) and has spent 18 years working in various roles for German industrial companies, including as Senior Vice President, Senior Consultant, CIO and Business Development Manager at Daimler, MTU Aero Engines, Airbus and Deutz in the automotive, manufacturing, aerospace‚ and defence and security sectors. For the last 10 years, Andreas has been working as an independent consultant in the area of business development, including in ‘net-centric operations’ for EDS, HP, RUAG, setting up start-ups, and business development/SME high-tech solutions (additive, mechatronic, electronic systems). Andreas also teaches at TUM (Technical University of Munich) ‘on the side’ on the subject of ‘Innovation Deployment’ and ‘Automation Systems Enabled Ageing Society’.

15.02.2018 | PULSAR welcomes Erik Pellemeier as new associate partner

Erik has been working for many years on subjects in the area of digitisation (new mobility, IoT, electrification and autonomous driving). His passions lie where the smart use of technology and innovations transform entire industries and give rise to new business areas. He gained much of his commercial and technical experience in the information and telecoms industry, where he has occupied various strategic and operative roles since the market was liberalised in 1998. Thanks to his varied projects and commitments in various networks, he is active in many areas of innovation and has deep insight into ‘smart’ subject areas and the challenges of the future.

17.01.2018 | PULSAR Consulting assists SuperBioMarkt AG Muenster with recapitalisation and sale of shares

PULSAR Consulting has provided comprehensive sell-side advice to SuperBioMarkt AG, a leading organic retailer based in Münster, which has 25 stores in North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony. The objective was to acquire a strategic partner as part of a recapitalisation to finance the further growth of the company. Our mandate included share valuations and conducting negotiations up until the transaction was successfully completed. Swiss company Bio Development AG, based in Seon, will be taking on a 38% stake in SuperBioMarkt AG as part of this transaction, thereby becoming a minority shareholder. Bio Development AG already holds stakes in various companies, including Berlin-based BioCompany GmbH.

09.11.2017 | PULSAR welcomes Edmond O´Donnell as new associate partner

Edmond holds a Civil Engineering Degree (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland) and a Master’s degree in Computer Aided Design (ENS de Cachan, France). He then went on to qualify as a Chartered Accountant (ACA) while working at the international audit and advisory firm, KPMG. Edmond brings with him 25 years of experience leading international cross-functional teams to deliver efficiencies to complex problems in manufacturing, engineering and supply-chain organisations. Most recently, he has spent the last 10 years working hands-on as an Entrepreneur, assuming dual roles as CFO and Head of Operations for a start-up nutrition and diet venture which manufactures, distributes and commercialises bakery products for allergy sufferers. Prior to this, Edmond worked in senior finance positions within large global organisations in the Pharmaceutical (Nestlé Skin Health), Construction (Kingspan) and Oil and Gas (Schlumberger) sectors. He has worked widely in Europe, West Africa, Canada and South America. We are delighted to welcome Edmond to PULSAR Consulting, he is a generalist in all senses, focused on solving problems and improving financial performance.

19.10.2017 | PULSAR welcomes Diana Seidl as new associate partner

Diana Seidl advises companies on developing and implementing recruitment strategies. Her focus here lies in planning a holistic sourcing strategy involving a wide range of recruitment channels, active sourcing and the optimisation of existing hiring processes. Over the years she has amassed a wealth of professional experience, initially working for traditional recruitment agencies as a recruitment consultant for various clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. She subsequently switched to the corporate side, assisting with the establishment of an international sourcing team and the development of long-term recruitment strategies.

05.08.2017 | Presentation of KEYOU prototype 1.0 – PULSAR client achieves technical breakthrough

In Nordhausen on 29 June, Keyou – a long-term client of PULSAR Consulting – successfully presented its first prototypes to representatives from the automotive industry, bus and fleet operators, experts from research & education, representatives from the world of politics and the press. PULSAR supports the hydrogen engine technology company in several ways, including assistance with past and current rounds of financing and also helping to build the business, in particular in the area of investor communication and marketing.

Detailed information: LINK

19.07.2017 | Dr. André Schneider and Juergen Sewczyk on the Medientage Special 2017

Dr. André Schneider and Juergen Sewczyk are part of the discussion group „The Smart World of Connected TV“ on the Medientage Special 2017. The Medientage Special 2017 start on Friday, July 21th 2017 from 09:45am to 17:30pm in Munich in the Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft.

Detailed information: LINK
Press release, impressions and videos: LINK
Contributors presentations: LINK

06.07.2017 | PULSAR welcomes Markus Eulig as new associate partner

The last 25 years Markus Eulig held executive positions and works as a consultant to international customers in New York, London, Zuerich, Paris and Frankfurt. Markus is based in Abu Dhabi and his focus is on Media, Communications and new technologies for international business development.

22.06.2017 | PULSAR welcomes Christian Wolff as new associate partner

“As Senior Manager in Business Development for the clients of an IT business belonging to a major German telecommunications group, Christian Wolff developed and implemented various projects in the field of digital environment and business, as well as consulting at management level on clients’ digital strategy. His focus was on cross-industry innovation in the development, piloting and introduction of future technologies. This also included participation in the setting up of a social TV service and the associated consultancy for its spinning off into an independent start-up. His honorary roles have included responsibility on behalf of two companies for a six-day international congress involving some 4500 participants from more than 105 countries.
In his MBA studies he focused on growth management/general management, and combined this with the continued conceptual development of an innovation management project for a subsidiary of the Group in the IT sector. Previously, Christian Wolff had graduated in savings bank administration at a major savings bank, where he then held several positions relating to business organisation, project and process management, and to projects on outsourcing, HR and migration. He set up the service provider management system for a subsidiary handling downstream service activities and was responsible for this function in the management of the service provider. He took a degree in business administration (Diplom-Kaufmann) with a focus on internationalisation and the flexibilisation of companies, and on feasibility studies.
We are delighted to welcome Christian Wolff to PULSAR Consulting as a specialist in particular for integrated business-building and for business and corporate development, service provider management, process management, innovation management and the challenges of digital transformation.”

23.02.2017 | The PULSAR Group will separate from PULSAR Solutions GmbH

The PULSAR Group will separate from PULSAR Solutions GmbH on 28 February 2017. PULSAR Solutions GmbH is a highly specialized software development provider and belongs to the PULSAR Group since 2014. As of 1 March, 2017, Pulsar Solutions GmbH is joining the Grouplink Group and will operate as Conventic GmbH.

With the disposal of PULSAR Solutions GmbH, the PULSAR Group will continue to focus on core business activities that are complementary to our management consulting business

24.01.2017 | Hidden champion from Baden-Wuerttemberg invests seven-figure amount in Munich start-up Keyou

The company NAGEL Maschinen- und Werkzeugfabrik GmbH, which employs around 1200 people at seven locations around the world, has become the hidden champion of engine upgrading and is a leading specialist in the field of honing and superfinishing technology. NAGEL has provided the full start-up financing (‘Series A’) for Munich start-up Keyou GmbH, which was founded at the end of 2015. The cost-efficient retrofit kits developed by Keyou help to create a zero-emission combustion engine based on the latest hydrogen technology. The first letters of intent have already been concluded with engine manufacturers and freight and transport companies. A number of international financial investors have also indicated that they are willing to support the next round of financing. “We are planning to take on further investors in the next few years and are currently in very productive talks,” says Tom Korn, CEO and founder of Keyou GmbH.
PULSAR Consulting Group GmbH provided the founding team of ‘Keyou’ with exclusive support from a consulting point of view during the first round of financing and also continues to assist the company in the areas of business development and fundraising.

04.01.2017 | PULSAR welcomes Christoph Huening as new associate partner

Christoph Huening specialised in the digital transformation of media and telecommunications companies as early as the late 1990s and has been working as a consultant for digital change services since 2016.
Before that, he was a partner for the TV and film industry at Schickler Unternehmensberatung, a leading media consulting firm in the German-speaking world. As the managing partner responsible for the TIME (Telecommunications & Media) business division of Lischke Consulting, he initiated and implemented the takeover of his division by Schickler. He began his career as a consultant at Diebold & Detecon Consulting. In the interim, he spent two years working as a Key Account Manager for AOL Europe at Telefónica Deutschland.
Christoph Huening mentors media start-ups, for example within the ProSiebenSat.1 Accelerator and at Media Lab Bayern. In addition to his consulting activities, he has also been involved in the research committee of the Muenchner Kreis e.V. and the committee for the media and creative industry of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. He lectures in media innovation management at the Business and Information Technology School (BiTS) in Berlin. Mr Huening holds a degree in business mathematics and studied at the universities of Bielefeld and Hamburg.

04.11.2016 | PULSAR launches innovative Coworking concept in Muenster

Under the motto "cowork. network. growth.", Munich-based management consultancy PULSAR Consulting Group GmbH will be launching a new coworking concept at the Muenster harbour from 1 December 2016. Over a total of 300 square metres, the innovative "PULSAR Spaces" networking/coworking concept offers office and commercial spaces of between 18 and 28 square metres. The tenants can pursue their own business here, whilst at the same time benefiting from the contacts of a management consultancy that operates internationally.

"For us, coworking is more than just using the same space," explains Managing Partner Christoph Höynck. "We see PULSAR Spaces as a network of excellence, in which interested parties from the professional services sector can reflect, cross boundaries together and therefore grow quicker".

Münster's city harbour offers the perfect location for this innovative concept, in the form of the H7 – the tallest wood hybrid building in North Rhine-Westphalia. As a flagship project, it provides the perfect framework for the extraordinary networking concept. The self-contained individual areas can be rented furnished or unfurnished, including all necessary technology. A spacious meeting room, two conference halls and an organic bistro for lunch breaks or catering are also available. There are even showers for people who cycle to work and night workers.

Detailed information can be found on the website: www.pulsar-spaces.com

20.10.2016 | PULSAR Consulting presents at Cable Days 2016

At the Cable Days 2016 conference in Salzburg, PULSAR Consulting Group GmbH will be presenting the subject "What's on that I like? – Personalised programme guides for Smart TV and mobile devices". On Friday, 4th of November 2016 from 09:30–10:00, Dr André Schneider (Partner, PULSAR Consulting) will take us through the subject.
For more information: www.cable-days.at
Download of the program: Cable Days Program 2016

19.10.2016 | PULSAR Consulting presents ´Freund oder Frenemy´panel at Medientage 2016

At the Medientage 2016 conference in Munich, PULSAR Consulting Group GmbH will be presenting the subject "Freund oder Frenemy". On Thursday, 27th of October 2016 from 11:15 – 12:15, among others Dr. André Schneider (Partner at PULSAR Consulting) will take you through the subject.
Für more information: https://www.medientage.de/kongress/referenten/detail/schneider-andr-4/

18.10.2016 | PULSAR welcomes Jürgen Sewczyk as new associate partner

After studying communications engineering, Jürgen Sewczyk worked in the Bertelsmann Group for over 20 years, and for 12 of these years at RTL he was responsible for programme distribution and RTL interactive, where he built up the new media business as CTO from 2000 to 2005. Jürgen is one of the pioneers of private television, having contributed to the introduction of digital television. Under his leadership, the first private satellite transmissions (SNG) were carried out, digital TV was transmitted via a DSL line for the first time, the mobile DVB-T world record was set and DVB-T was shown on public transport. For more than 20 years, Jürgen Sewczyk has also played a leading role in associations and organisations, such as DVB, VPRT and Deutsche TV Plattform. The focus of his media consulting covers the areas Smart TV, HbbTV, IPTV and programme distribution. As a board member of Deutsche TV Plattform, Jürgen Sewczyk currently heads up the Smart Media working group.

30.09.2016 | PULSAR welcomes André Wegmann as new associate partner

André Wegmann has been working as an independent management consultant for almost five years and also runs his own sales projects alongside his consultancy work. Before becoming a consultant, he spent the majority of his career working in management positions for companies in the FMCG sector and related services.
As a partner and advisor, he organises and runs projects to improve companies’ sales strategies, sales management and business development. He has many years of management experience in FMCG field sales, working for both brand name companies and agencies, and specialises in change management and sales restructuring.
His current work focuses on business development and innovation marketing, particularly in the field of energy efficient products and services.

18.08.2016 | PULSAR Consulting presents ´Innovate or Die´panel at Medientage 2016 conference

The Medientage 2016 conference in Munich will see Pulsar Consulting Group GmbH present a panel discussion called ‘Innovate or die – acting instead of talking, innovations in media companies’. At 12:15 on 25/10/2016, Daniel Finger (rbb) will moderate a discussion between Mr Alexander Günther (CEO, Sportcast), Dr André Schneider (Partner, PULSAR Consulting), Sergio Klaus-Peter Voigt, (CPO, Media-Saturn-Holding) and Prof. Wolfram Winter (VP Communication, Sky Deutschland) regarding best practices for innovation management processes in media companies, among other topics. For more information, go to:

12.07.2016 | Presentation by Dr. André Schneider at the Change Media Tasting Congress 2016

The PULSAR Consulting partner -Dr. André Schneider- gives an overview of the status of innovation management in the media industry. The title of his presentation is called “It all began with an idea – how media companies implement innovation”. Change Media Tasting Congress 2016 in, July 12th, 2016, Stuttgart.


08.06.2016 | PULSAR welcomes Dr. Hans-Joachim Winterling as new associate partner

In prior of becoming a consultant in 2013, Hans-Joachim Winterling had over ten years of experience as CFO, COO and CEO in various companies. His experience ranges from restructuring, M & A projects to organizational projects.

His current focus lies on the advisory concept "deciding, measuring and organizing”. The corresponding offer includes investment management - an area neglected in many companies - with the development of profitability analyses for individual investments based on dynamic methods for project evaluation, the alternate assessment and project portfolio analysis to the build-up of investment management bound in the company organization.

07.06.2016 | PULSAR welcomes Dr. Eva Werther- Halfar as new associate partner

Eva Werther-Halfar is a generalist advisor with many years of experience in general management, sales and international business development at globally acting technology companies of different size from start-ups through medium-sized family-owned company to publicly traded multinationals or PE/VC backed companies. Eva’s advisory focus lies on the creation and expansion of organizations/business units/subsidiaries, growth, internationalization and increasing efficiency in critical situations in the area of high-tech, disruptive technologies, mechanical engineering, IT, 3D printing and FinTech. Eva Werther-Halfar is also working in an honorary capacity for the Technical University of Munich and the accelerator TechFounders as a start-ups business mentor.

21.03.2016 | Dr. André Schneider - Member of the strategy panel ANGA COM Congress 2016

Dr. André Schneider will be member of the strategy panel „Personalized TV: Recommendation Engines und NetPVR“. The panel starts at 10am on the 8th of June 2016 at the ANGA COM Congress 2016 in Cologne.

14.12.2015 | PULSAR Tax GmbH - Expansion of tax expertise of the PULSAR competence networks

With effect from the 14.12.2015, a new Member of the PULSAR Competence Networks was established with PULSAR Tax GmbH tax consultancy.The new PULSAR partner company specialised in tax consultancy for enterprises and entrepreneurs. The technical expertise of the PULSAR Tax organised partners includes among others the tax advice on corporate and real estate transactions, restructuring, and tax support for formation of foundations. “In joint action with PULSAR Consulting GmbH accounting firm we have the opportunity to be able to offer our clients a holistic advisory approach and thus practical, technically grounded and economically balanced solutions“ as stated by Dr. Andreas Wagenseil, one of the managing directors of PULSAR Tax GmbH.

Jan H. Storbeck, Managing Director of PULSAR Consulting GmbH WPG:
„With PULSAR Tax in the group we expand our capabilities to offer situation and need specific solutions to our customers. We accompany all tax topics in the highest quality from a single source: from the current accounting, the audit up to the complex international arrangement and we also highlight the pending accounting and tax issues.“

27.07.2015 | PULSAR Ventures Hong Kong Ltd. - Extending the PULSAR consultancy to Asia

From 22nd of July 2015, PULSAR Ventures Hong Kong Ltd. –  a subsidiary of PULSAR Consulting – will commence services for cross border consulting and business development. PULSAR Ventures Hong Kong Ltd. will  consolidate and capitalise on PULSAR’s regional capabilities to enhance facilitation for its European and Asian clients.

02.07.2015 | Dr. André Schneider discusses IoT and Smart Home on the IFA Digital Lifestyle Preview

During the Trend Talk on the Digital Lifestyle Preview in Munich, the 12th preview on the IFA, experts discussed the relationships, potentials and developments of networked consumer electronics, smart home and Internet of Things (IoT). In cooperation with the VIDEO magazine further participants have been Napster, NXP and EQ-3. André Schneider an industry and technology expert contributed his experience and views, which he has made as head of smart home business at Samsung Electronics.

01.06.2015 | PULSAR welcomes Dr. André Schneider as new Associate Partner

André Schneider is an acknowledged expert for the development of digital strategies and business models for consumer electronics and smart home, TV, publisher and digital media. He consults in projects or acts as interim-manager with the focus on business strategy and development, product strategy and innovation. Andre was the Vice President Digital Distribution at ProSiebenSat.1 Media. His main responsibilities have been the overall conception and distribution of multiscreen content services (e.g. video-on-demand). The main tasks as head of product strategy at Samsung Electronics from 2004 to 2013 have been the introduction of the smart TV content- and smart home business, the coordination of technological developments and the media policy. During his industry career he had various mandates in associations, such as board member and speaker of the commission technology and new media at Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie (ZVEI) and member in the German TV Platform. Andre has an MBA at the European Business School (ebs), Östrich Winkel, and wrote his thesis (Ph.D.) at the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH), Aachen.

01.03.2015 | PULSAR welcomes Christoph Riess as new Associate Partner

Christoph Riess is since over 15 years lawyer and his areas of expertise are all those of crucial importance for the businesses and/or shareholders regarding the future of the company. This includes not only the legal counsel but also the development of measures to reduce risks from a legal and economic perspective. In particular, this area of operation covered company law, commercial law, general contract law with a focus on licensing and development agreements, as well as cooperation and JV contracts. Furthermore, Christoph Riess is especially skilled in consultancy and implementation of corporate actions in the framework of PE and VC – transactions. As a technology expert, he is member of the Advisory Board of the IMAP M&A Consultant AG for the automotive, IT and clean tech sectors. He supports the parties involved in the evaluation and implementation of intelligent corporate market decisions.

17.12.2014 | PULSAR Solutions GmbH - Enhancing the PULSAR consultancy portfolio

As of the start of 2015, the company formerly known as bema Gesellschaft für IT-Beratung und Applikationsentwicklung mbH will begin trading under the name PULSAR Solutions Gesellschaft für IT-Beratung und Applikationsentwicklung mbH. The new PULSAR partner company specialises in the standardised implementation of IT and software projects, specifically advising and operating in a way that demonstrates a clear focus on rapid market launch, developing software with the help of agile processes and providing customer support in the organisation and implementation of complex projects. Alongside the general synergies, the deciding factors leading to the amalgamation were shared project experience and the wealth of ground knowledge in key strategic issues such as innovation management and IT auditing. “Together, PULSAR Solutions, PULSAR Consulting and PULSAR Consulting GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft have the opportunity to provide their customers with an enhanced, comprehensive and targeted service, from both a strategic and technical perspective,” says Bernd Maurer, Managing Director of PULSAR Solutions GmbH.

Christoph Höynck, Managing Director of PULSAR Consulting Group GmbH, added:
“This step will consolidate the working relationship between our companies, which has always been strong in the past, and will simply and effectively enhance the combined PULSAR Consulting portfolio. With PULSAR Solutions, we will be well placed to take on complex projects, from consulting on strategic issues right through to the technical implementation of IT solutions.”

Jan H. Storbeck, Managing Director of PULSAR Consulting GmbH WPG, summarised:
“The addition of PULSAR Solutions to the group improves our ability to offer our clients bespoke IT auditing solutions according to their circumstances and needs. Powerful, efficient IT tools and solutions allow us to provide the best possible prevention and identification of IT risks.”

10.12.2014 | Robert Muss leaves PULSAR Consulting Group GmbH

In mutual agreement and after two successful years, Robert Muss will leave PULSAR Consulting Group GmbH as a partner on 31st December, 2014. He has been appointed to a new management position at PwC Switzerland. The PULSAR management team would like to take this opportunity to thank Robert for his outstanding contribution as a senior member of PULSAR and wishes him and family every success.

31.10.2014 | PULSAR welcomes Florian Padberg as new Associate Partner

Florian Padberg is an internationally experienced management consultant in the areas of marketing and strategy, and he supports his clients in implementing their new business strategies. As a PULSAR expert, he supports clients in the definition of their corporate strategy, in harmonising their different sub-strategies, as well as in a sustainable implementation of their corporate visions. When executing his projects, he usually puts emphasis on IT based solutions; furthermore, intensive communications with the mostly heterogeneous interest groups is one of his main keys to project success.

30.09.2014 | PULSAR welcomes Dr.-Ing. Edgar Jochheim as new Associate Partner

Edgar Jochheim is a recognised expert in innovation management. Typical themes for Edgar’s work are practical implementation of systematic innovation, effective problem solving in corporations, growth by innovation, cost-reduction, strategy and anticipating the products of the future and modern innovation management. Edgars main consulting areas are all focusing around inventing, patenting and the generation of disruptive innovations. Customers are using Edgar’s extensive experience in innovation generation and problem solving projects using TRIZ, QFD, FMEA, value analysis, systems theory and other management methods. Dr.-Ing. Edgar Jochheim demonstrated his skills in over 200 projects successfully.

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