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Innovation Process Manager

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The Innovation Process Manager (IPM) software platform is an integral part of the Innovation Process Engineering consultancy module. The IPM streamlines all of the innovation processes and information generated by our clients – from devising and evaluating an idea to implementing an innovation – in order to ensure a company’s innovation process is viable in the long term.

The Innovation Process Manager provides those employees in a position of responsibility with all the figures they need in relation to the innovation process and ensures they have a structured overview of the current status of individual innovation projects at all times.

Templates make it easy to amend the individual criteria for evaluating an innovation, project metadata and the overall process flow enable this information to be saved ready for the next innovation project.

The Innovation Process Manager software platform provides support and structure for all necessary activities and tasks involved in existing or new innovation management processes. It creates transparent ownership at every stage of the innovation process, meaning processes can be flexibly modelled, including across different departments, if required.

Furthermore, the Innovation Process Manager generates a structured evaluation of an innovative idea, presenting the results in the form of a balanced scorecard. The processes are highly standardised, meaning it is possible to effectively compare the results for different innovation projects, thereby providing a reliable basis upon which strategic decisions and benchmarking can be made.

Functions of the PULSAR Innovation Process Manager software platform:
  1. Simple adjustment of evaluation criteria and processes
  2. Clear definition of responsibility at all times
  3. Board function for committee members, allowing decisions to be made easily by circulation
  4. Option to upload and save versions of files in the standard office formats, such as business plans or presentation slides for a pitch
  5. Option to add comments and tasks to individual process steps and evaluation criteria
  6. Multilingual front-end interface
  7. Clear display format in form of dashboards
  8. Export option to create PDF files
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