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Economic forensics / Forensic Advisory


Triggers for forensic investigations

The PULSAR Consulting Forensic Team helps to analyze, describe and structure complex matters according to legal, commercial and technical aspects, in order to facilitate, simplify and successfully shape legal reappraisals.

Compliance Violations

  1. Analysis: Violations: Who? What? When? Where?
  2. Inclusion: Scope for damage, credibility of sources, evidence retention for legal processing
  3. Framework: Addressee, informational requirements, legal evaluation
  4. Planning: Team in the company, technology, data sources from accounting, business communication and further business processes
  5. Internal Investigation: Working hypothesis; employee interviews
  6. Result: Processing the facts and conclusions

Processing of specific triggers in insolvency proceedings

  1. Clarification of registered insolvency claims in quantitative and qualitative terms
  2. Recovery of assets and opportunities to accumulate insolvency estate
  3. Preparation to enforce outstanding claims of the insolvent company
  4. Obtaining background information to clarify the liability situation of the former managing directors/central institutions of the corporation

M&A processes

  1. Obtaining and requesting relevant information
  2. Analysis and structuring of this data under commercial, technical and legal aspects
  3. Provision of data in the form of Sales-Due-Diligence to the various interested parties
  4. Incorporation of the relevant data in the contracts as necessary and depending on the results of the negotiations
  5. Support with purchase and purchase price decision-making
  6. Warranty provisos

Arbitration proceedings

  1. Analysis of the contractual situation in commercial, technical and legal terms
  2. Obtaining further useful information
  3. Securing documents
  4. Quantifying damage and assisting in the development of proposals to resolve the dispute

Procurement and requirement
Each analysis is specific to the company and thereby individual. Only the traceability of the information on the participants and the underlying facts enable a later legal review.
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