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The convergence of B2B and B2C solutions with regards to expectations on user experience and process efficiency is conspicuous.

The online business is considered to be a crucial success factor and has gained importance with regards to growth rates. Thereby, the accelerated competition demands for strategic foresight and extensive investment decisions.

PULSAR supervises enterprises during the phase of implementing B2B and B2C e-commerce activities. Strategy development constitutes the starting point, whereas establishment and operation of operative units are addressed at the end of each project. Moreover, PULSAR governs and steers involved service providers and coordinates work packages in the specific fields of client organisation:

  1. Strategic business planing
  2. Requirements management, including elaboration and preparation of functional product requirement documents
  3. Screening and selection of suppliers
  4. Entire project management of internal teams and external partners
  5. Setup with renowned e-commerce agencies and IT service providers
  6. Audit and crisis management in critical project phases
  7. Business development (Greenfield, Carve-Out and Spin-Off models)
  8. Interim management in the operative organisation
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