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Digital.Check KMU


How well-prepared are you for digitisation? What are the opportunities and risks of digitisation for your company? Our advisors will examine your strengths and weaknesses with you, as well as the opportunities and risks associated with new developments in your industry.

There are wide-ranging questions relating to the digitisation check which can be discussed, analysed and judged:

  1. How is digitisation changing your industry and/or your company?
  2. What does Industry 4.0 mean for your company?
  3. What new opportunities does digitisation offer in terms of client contact?
  4. How can we digitise client-centric processes?
  5. How can we digitise our core business areas?
  6. How can we become lean and agile?
  7. Risk check – Which risks might we encounter?
  8. How do we use Digitization in CRM, marketing and sales?

Which questions are you dealing with at the moment?

Our Digital.Check SME is a proven consulting concept based on a structured approach which we have developed with the help to past experience in consulting and implementation projects. We will successfully accompany your company and design suitable digitalisation solutions.

You will receive ...
… a good overview of your digitalisation status
… an overview of the opportunities and possibilities of digitisation
… a basis for decision-making on digitisation issues

Our methodology for the digitisation check
We work with the most modern methods for innovation research and business development. We will create an appropriate procedure model perfectly suited to your needs. The tools used include:

  1. SWOT-Analysis
  2. Business Model Canvas
  3. Design Thinking
  4. Rapid Prototyping

  1. Are you a small (up to 50 employees) or medium-sized enterprise (up to 250 employees)?
  2. Is the company located in North Rhine-Westphalia?
  3. Would you like to deal with the topic of digitisation?

We have created tailored consulting packages (S, M and L) according to your company size. These digitisation checks can be carried out with the help of funding programmes which cover up to 80% of costs. You will therefore get a good overview of your status quo and the options available for you to actively shape the digitisation of your company.

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