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Business Development

Business Development

Systematic business development is the ultimate task for any market-driven corporation. In times of a constantly increasing competitive pressure, an optimised application of resources and capabilities are one of the key success factors on new business opportunities.

PULSAR’s established partners have extensive experience in creating opportunities for national and international customers. They have successfully created business development prospects between European infrastructure suppliers and Governmental and private customers in developing regions. For years, PULSAR is the strategic partner for the commercialisation of innovations for one of largest the European TMT companies.


International Business Engineering

A resource and capabilities focus on new business opportunities is a key success factor for competing in international markets and maintaining a competitive advantage. New international players and a constant demand for innovations are forcing companies to break into new markets, both technologically and regionally. PULSAR has successfully introduced clients into international markets with an emphasis on developing regions. PULSAR's extensive business background has the indepth capabilities to empower direction and commitment in developing successful businesses:

  1. Project Management
  2. Business planning and review
  3. Local representation and network building
  4. Coordination of lobbying activities
  5. Fund raising activities
  6. Spin-off/Carve-out projects
  7. Interim Management

Sales & Marketing

The selection of optimal distribution channels and a focused marketing budget are the key components in acquiring and maintaining profitable customer relationships. PULSAR provides strategic and conceptual recommendations and ensures operational implementation:

  1. Development and implementation of brand strategies
  2. Analysis and optimisation of acceptable market condition models
  3. Analysis and optimisation of product and customer structure
  4. Assessment, design and optimisation of distribution channels
  5. Analysis and optimisation of distribution management and control systems
  6. Analysis and optimisation of marketing and sales budgets

Innovation Management

Market-driven innovations are essential for the differentiation from competition and ensure continued success. Based on many years of project experience, PULSAR has developed the holistic Innovation Process Engineering (IPE) approach. The software-tool based process has provided multi-industry clients with a best-in-class innovation management system, designed for a timely and non-invasive implementation.

  1. Innovation Strategy Development
  2. Identification, classification and definition of innovation sources
  3. Definition of a valuation grid and sourcing/sales guidelines
  4. Implementation of stage-gate processes for rapid "productising"
  5. Utilisation of unexploited innovations, intellectual property rights and other intangible assets
  6. Portfolio optimisation through divestitures, e.g. M&A activities, spin-off and carve-out instruments

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Offset Advisory

International tenders for important defence and infrastructure projects often require offset and countertrade programmes to adhere to political and national economic policies.

The sustainability and attractiveness of the proposed offset programme has become a crucial part in the evaluation process of the bid document. Proactive offset strategies are significantly beneficial for the success of the underlying sales activity. This complex issue is compounded by the fact that offset programmes are very often not part of the core competencies of the bidding party (obligor).

Based on PULSAR partners’ in-depth experience in the structuring and implementation of international offset programmes, PULSAR has developed a product offering for companies acting in offset related tenders. The PULSAR module “Offset 2.0” combines sustainable entrepreneurialism, private equity and venture capital mechanisms with the applied knowledge and expectations of Governmental requirements. This allows PULSAR’s customers to differentiate themselves from their competition and ameliorate their risk of being penalised.

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