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experience. involvement. return.



is a partner-centric management consultancy company based in Munich. Since the company was founded in 2003, our operations have been built around three core principles: experience. involvement. return. Our client-base comprises many prominent companies from a wide range of industries.

In most cases, we form long-term relationships with our clients, providing them with support and advice for the medium to long term. Our customer--base includes international blue-chip companies, as well as national and regional firms. PULSAR Consulting also forms the core of the PULSAR Group.

With over 60 partners, employees and associates, the PULSAR Group is an extensive consultancy group providing management consulting, tax consulting and consultancy service providers in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Current issues

PULSAR becomes project partner at the Institute for Process Management and Digital Transformation at the Münster University of Applied Sciences

The PULSAR Consulting Group starts a close cooperation with the Institute for ...

PULSAR Consulting becomes a member of the expert advisory board of Digital Hub münsterLand

PULSAR Consulting intensifies its cooperation with Digital Hub münsterLand.




To achieve maximum results, efficiency and guidance. PULSAR’S modules in tools, services and consulting methodologies are successfully bespoke to the clients remit.



    Changing market conditions could make companies face transitional changes. PULSAR’S highly professional network of consultants, auditors and lawyers can support a variety of transaction processes from start to finish. Pulsar’s transaction services cover the following [ ... ]



    The internet, digitalisation and globalisation is requiring companies to address narrower windows of market and /or product life-cycles and a regular need to create competitive advantages. In many cases, our clients are not facing a lack of ideas, but shortfalls in realising [ ... ]



    The Corporate Health Check module is flexible designed towards different types of organisations. A methodical fact-based and judgement approach is applied to secure the desired realisation for the firm´s ROIC. A Corporate Health Check from identification to formulation of [ ... ]



    International tenders for important defence and infrastructure projects often require offset and countertrade programmes to adhere to political and national economic policies. The sustainability and attractiveness of the proposed offset programme has become a crucial part [ ... ]



    The need to restructure could be associated with the loss of competitive advantage, which may require near-term resolutions from external stakeholders. For example, consider the case of financial capital; a firm represents an internal capital market: the corporate allocating capital between [ ... ]

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